Why use hair removal IPL (Intense Pulsed Light ) ?

- The main advantage of the laser is that it covers large areas in a short time .
- It's a painless , simple, safe , effective and definitive treatment
most cases.
- Suitable for both sexes and at any age.
- It can be applied in many areas of the body : chest, armpits , neck, face , arms, dug , legs , abdomen , back, buttocks , hands and feet .
- Does not damage the skin and does not damage your sebaceous or sweat glands.
- Not carcinogenic because the light emitted is in the range of
visible light .
- Not teratogenic , does not emit ionizing radiation , its effect
heat is limited to the skin because it reaches 4mm deep.
- Fixes skin problems as " folliculitis " and " ingrown hair "
groin , legs and face .
- Leaves skin smooth , soft and rejuvenated by the stimulating effect
light on collagen.
- In women with hormonal problems , is the best solution to reduce excessive hair preferable to drugs hormonal origin.


How it works (Hair Removal) 
3 Simple Steps 
Between 7 and 14 days after the first treatment you may start to notice hair falling out.  Some hair re-growth may occur and the new hair growth should be less dense, finer and lighter in color than the original hair with each treatment. This re-growth is perfectly normal and should be expected, hair removal will not be totally complete until after the full treatment period. Treatment time will vary from person to person, however you should see dramatic hair reduction in just 90 days.

como funciona la depilacion ipl


How To Use

Achieve Wonderful Results
Rubia is suitable for use on almost all of your body. It can be used to permanently reduce unwanted facial hair, eliminate regular shaving of underarm hair, ensure your bikini line is always ready for the beach and of course have legs that are silky smooth all the time. 


1. Carefully shave the area you wish to treat.  
2. Treat the area, pulse by pulse. To make it easier, mark out the areas that you've already treated in a white eyeliner pencil. Be careful not to go over the same area twice.  
3. Repeat the treatment 7 to 10 days. You'll need to do six to 12 sessions to be hair-free. Some areas may need a few more treatments to achieve the desired result

procedimiento depilacion con luz pulsada intensa


Skin Tone Chart 
(Choose the one that suits you)

Select the color below that best matches the color of the skin on the area you are treating. 
Don't use Rubia on naturally dark skin. Treating dark skin with Rubia can result in adverse effects such as burns, blisters, and skin color changes. 

fototipos de piel a tratar con luz pulsada intensa

Each use
Shave and dry the areas to be treated. Adjust power level setting. Recommended levels are 3 - 5 for hair removal. Treat the area/s Shaving is allowed between treatment periods but do not wax or pluck out hair in the treated area/s. To maintain smooth skin, use once every 7 days for the first 2 - 3 months, then once a month, then after six months use once a year.
After the first treatment
-Changes to the treated area are not usually noticed. 
-Redness may be experienced, but it will usually disappear within 2-3 days.


After one month of treatment
-Hair is still growing but appears thinner.


After two months of treatment
-Reduction in amount of thick and black hair can be noticed.  
-At this stage, treatment can be done once per month.


After 4 - 6 months of treatment
-Definite decrease in hair is noticed, with no regrowth.
-At this stage, treatment can be done once per year.
-Result will not be the same for everyone. The above instructions show the average outcome.


Doctor recommended & CE Approved
Clinically Proven Technology  Rubia has been CE Medical  approval  and meets strict health and  safety  requirements. Tested and recommended by doctors worldwide,  Rubia is  proven to be safe & effective.


Large Spot Size with UV filter 
Advanced IPL Technology
The myEspil IPL has a much larger spot size(1cm x 2cm) and the IPL system effectively filters out almost UV light so there is no risk of anything like cancer from even longterm treatment.




The machine is not suitable for skin or Brown Dark Brown Tights / Black. Treating dark skin may lead to adverse effects such as burns, blisters, and skin color changes.


Name Deess IPL Hair Removal System
Model No. GP-580
Technology Intense Pulses Light ( IPL)
Wavelength 475 – 1200 nm
Max Power 25 j
Light Point 10 x 30 mm




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