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Why use hair removal IPL (Intense Pulsed Light ) ?

- The main advantage of the laser is that it covers large areas in a short time .
- It's a painless , simple, safe , effective and definitive treatment
most cases.
- Suitable for both sexes and at any age.
- It can be applied in many areas of the body : chest, armpits , neck, face , arms, dug , legs , abdomen , back, buttocks , hands and feet .
- Does not damage the skin and does not damage your sebaceous or sweat glands.
- Not carcinogenic because the light emitted is in the range of
visible light .
- Not teratogenic , does not emit ionizing radiation , its effect
heat is limited to the skin because it reaches 4mm deep.
- Fixes skin problems as " folliculitis " and " ingrown hair "
groin , legs and face .
- Leaves skin smooth , soft and rejuvenated by the stimulating effect
light on collagen.
- In women with hormonal problems , is the best solution to reduce excessive hair preferable to drugs hormonal origin.


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Treatment Planning
Treatments should be done every 3-4 weeks. Usually between 6-8 sessions the definitva waxing is achieved. After 6 months as a final hair removal studies from 70 to 90% is obtained.
This equipment is not suitable for Afro-Caribeanos and black skinned people, because the laser can not differentiate between hair and skin in such cases.


Name Espil IPL Hair Removal System
Model No. BSL-10
Technology Intense Pulses Light ( IPL)
Wavelength 475 – 1200 nm
Max power 25 j
Head point 20 x 30 mm
Box content Unit, Lamp, Manual



About the Power Level
You should start with a low level of power the first time and increase the medium or high according to comfort feel. You must use a lower level if you are experiencing pain, or will leave stains.

How to use the IPL Espil
The skin should be shaved , clean , without traces of deodorant.

1. Press the switches on / off to turn the machine
Two . The light will activate with a beep to indicate that you can now shoot.
Three . The machine is set automatically in the lowest power
April . Be sure to press firmly on the skin stick to the shot out correctly.
May . Press the pulse button to emit a pulse. You will see a flash of light and hear a POP sound type .
6. After emitting a pulse , remove the skin and stick to the next area. The BSL Kenza -10 reload for next lso pu .
7. After about 4-7 seconds, the indicator light will turn on again, is accompanied by an audible signal to indicate your Kenza BSL -10 is ready for another pulse.
8. Continue to administer pulses until the desired skin area is fully treated .

Skin Color Sensor Dark The machine is not suitable for skin or Brown Dark Brown Tights / Black. Treating dark skin may lead to adverse effects such as burns, blisters, and skin color changes.

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