Uonova ™ Medical and Aesthetics Equipments is dedicated to selling laser and IPL hair removal (epilation) products, as also other depilation and beauty-related products, for home use and for professional use. It has direct contact with internationally renowned suppliers. It specializes in selling hair removers laser hair removal ipl (pulsed light), machines of male and female permanent hair removal. It aims to make available to professionals and those who are starting understood, medical equipment aesthetic vanguard. Only sells diagnostic and treatment technology approved by agencies regulatory recognized worldwide (FDA, EU, KFDA), thus providing patient safety and tranquility for you.


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depilacion definitiva con espil

Revolutionary Product

Espil IPL epilator permanent

Uonova show the new Espil™ IPL machine

Never shave again and goodbye to the wax...

Get to market a true revolution in permanent hair removal.Espil IPL is a definitive epilation home that uses technology IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) to pluck unwanted hair. Fast, safe and effective are just some of the innovative features of the definitive hair removal equipment is designed for both male and female depilation.

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dermoabrasion con puntas de diamante novamicropeel


The youth and health return of the hand of the diamond ...

For situations where you need a device of Microdermabrasion with diamond tips safe, effective and simplified to allow a controlled exfoliation therapy, precise and progressive corneal layer of skin.

Microdermoabrasión con puntas de diamante

permanent male hair removal?

(laser hair removal for men)

Modern man cares about his image and the male hair removal is becoming increasingly common as the permanent solution to excessive hair.

Many pluck their eyebrows, nose, forehead, define the outline of the beard and mustache or perhaps prevent ingrown hairs on your skin by the thickness of hair, making it more refined and manageable with laser hair removal for men, also want to shoulder waxing, waxing in the back, chest waxing, etc.
Now the permanent male hair removalin any area of his body became customary to reduce or sometimes eliminate unwanted hair.
Now with laser hair removal equipment permanent hair removal personal final is easy, cheap and comfortable at home. We highly recommend the experience
of espil definitive depilation equipment for permanent hair removal male.

Microdermoabrasión con puntas de diamante

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